4 Variants of Pixy Concealing Base for Oily Skin, Maximum Results!

Acne scars, blackheads, and panda eyes often lower Eve’s confidence because the makeup results will not be perfect. Not to mention if your skin type is oily skin that is easily shiny after a day of activity, so you have to touch up repeatedly. To overcome this, Marshalova needs Pixy concealing base for oily skin so that the face is covered to the maximum and your appearance stands out more. 

For maximum makeup results, you can apply concealer after or before applying foundation. In addition to better makeup results, your appearance will look more flawless. However, you also have to adjust the shade chosen with the color of your skin. To make it easier, Marsha Beauty will discuss 4 shades of Pixy concealing base that are suitable for you. 

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Shade Pixy Concealing Base for Oily Skin!

Pixy concealing base is claimed to last up to 12 hours, so your makeup will last a long time. To make your appearance more attractive, you need to know which shade is best suited for your skin type and color. 

Pixy Concealing Base Natural Beige for Oily Skin

Pixy concealing base for oily skin

For oily skin, Pixy Concealing Base 01 is a fitting choice. The result is full coverage that can cover acne scars, blackheads, and panda eyes. This concealer is also easy to blend because of its light texture on the skin. 

This shade is also suitable for those of you who have warm, neutral, to light skin color. This concealer is also suitable for you who are still teenagers, you know. If most concealers and foundations used for a long time will make the skin tend to darken, then not with this one concealer. Your appearance will actually look brighter, so your face stays fresh. 

Pixy Concealing Base Sand Beige for Combination Skin

Pixy concealing base for oily skin

If your skin is a combination skin type, the sand beige variant may be the most suitable choice. This variant has a slightly darker shade with a warm tone, so it is suitable for tanned skin tones. In addition, this variant is actually also suitable for you who have oily skin. 

This concealer can cover your T-zone area, so that the face does not look shiny due to excessive sebum production. The texture of this product is quite light when applied to the face. The texture itself is a bit creamy, so it’s easy to blend. 

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Pixy Concealing Base Caramel Beige for Dry Skin

Pixy concealing base for oily skin

For those of you who have dark skin with a cool undertone, there is nothing wrong with trying this variant. In addition, this variant is suitable for oily and dry skin types because the dewy end result keeps the face moist and healthy. 

For oily skin, you need to use powder so that the result is more set. However, due to the medium level of coverage, you must apply this concealer as many as two or three layers so that acne scars and spots on the face are completely covered. 

Pixy Concealing Base Crème Beige for White Skin

Pixy concealing base for oily skin

For those of you who are white, Pixy Concealing Base shade Crème Beige is the most appropriate choice. The color will not make your skin look too light or darker after use for a long time. Because this concealer has a pretty good durability, you can also use it for formal occasions. 

In addition to being suitable for all skin types, this concealer also comes with SPF 35 PA +++, you know, Marshalova. So, your face will be better protected from sunlight. Which shade is best for your skin?